Ghent, Belgium

When: February 11, 2012, TBD Where: Netlash-bSeen Offices
Netlash-bSeen - Webdesign & Online Marketing, Voorhavenlaan 31/003, 9000 Ghent

Are you interested in information architecture, do you have an opinion about it, do you want to share a case history, would you like to meet other information architects, has working with information architects been an experience you’d like to talk about? Then join us in Ghent on 11 February 2012. The day will be shaped by the people who sign up: coming along means sharing experiences.

Sign up as early as possible. There are only fifty places available, and we hope most (or even all of them) will be taken. When you sign up, tell us what area you are going to share experience from – let the 14 topics from other countries inspire you.


Keep the whole day free. Once people start signing up, we’ll announce start and end times for the day and arrange a timetable for the various topics. If you’d like to be kept personally informed about organisational details as they evolve, just sign up for the newsletter.

No Charge

Thanks to sponsoring, the whole event is free. But we do ask for an active contribution: you need to send us the outline of a short presentation. When registration closes, we’ll put together a programme from these presentations.

GPS: voorhavenlaan 14 – gate in the opposite

Local Coordinator

Rosemie Callewaert
Rosemie Callewaert is coordinating WIAD 2012 in Ghent, Belgium.