Official Thank You & International Credits

February 24, 2012

We did it! 

14 locations across the globe were able to put on great events that inspired, educated, built communities, introduced new people to Information Architecture and rejuventated the thinking of veteran leaders. None of this would be made possible without our Global and Local Volunteers, Speakers, and Sponsors.

The following post is a very sincere THANK YOU to the 14 Locations and the folks behind the scenes that made it all possible. More people will be added to this list as they are sent in by the 14 locations.



Joe Elmendorf, Technical Director

Brad Simpson, Creative Director

Noreen Whysel, Director of Sponsorship & General Administration

Jorge Arango, Thematic Chair

Jeff Parks, Social Media Producer

Deborah Fellinger, Copyrighting Assistance

Dan Klyn, Advisor

Abby Covert, Advisor

Jessica DuVerneay, Producer

Information Architecture Institute Board Members, including Andrea Resmini, IAI President



Volunteers: Elizabeth Bolivar, Cesar Sanches, Fernando Torres, Diego Polo, Viviana Camelo, David Figueredo

Local event sponsor: Fundación Universitaria Sanitas. Dr.Mauricio Herrera. Director of the Education Unit FUS

Speakers: Hernando Cruz, Libardo Castaneda, Fernando Henao, Natalia Vivas, Maria Isabel Murillo, Angelo Laverde, Luis Alveart, Louis Rosenfeld



Speakers: Grandin Donovan, Claudio Vendi, Maxime Basset, Milan Guenther, Caroline Goulard, Pauline Thomas, Benoît Vidal

Sponsor: Paul Richardet




Event Coordinators: Carolina Leslie and Andressa Vieira

Presenters: Juliana Gaiba, Gabriel Gianordoli, Robson Santos, Luiz Felipe Ratti, Polise De Marchi, Ricardo Sato, Rodrigo Leite and Fabricio Teixeira

Volunteers: Carolina Kadix, Italo Oliveira, Paula Sato, Robson Santos, Stefan Martins, Tiago Carvalho

Local sponsors: Locaweb, Saiba +, FEI, ADBAT/TESLA, bond and neue



Event Coordinators: Lynn Boyden, Sam Bloomberg-Rissman, Alexander Vejnoska, Tim Gallati

Presenters: Jod Kaftan, Weston Thompson, Max Greenhut

Volunteers: Megan Gawlik, David Guerra

Institutional Support: Dr. Greg Leazer, Chair of the UCLA Department of Information Studies



Speaker: Takashi Sakamoto (IAI Member), Masaya Ando, Ph.D., Ayumi Yamada, Toshiyuki Maeda, Manabu Ueno, Hironori Iwasa

Staff: Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph.D., Noriyo Asano (IAI Member), Nobuya Sato (IAI Member), Satoru Murakoshi, Izumi Oku (IAI Member), Naoko Kawachi (IAI Member), Eric Bell, Nobuyuki Yamaoka, Ken-ichi Yamanaka, Shigeki Okamoto, Yuka Iwadate

Local sponsor: Business Architects Inc., Concent, Inc., Netyear Group Corporation.

Media Support: Web-tan Forum, Impress Business Media Corporation., Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.

Venue: Fukutake Hall, The University of Tokyo. Ueda Kazuhiro, Ph.D.



Event Coordinators: Shamsul Anuar Abdul Wahid (MIMOS), Nor Laila Md Noor (UiTM), Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohd Isa (UiTM)

Opening Keynote Address & Launching: Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah (MIMOS)

Keynote Speakers: Nor Laila Md Noor (UiTM), Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohd Isa (UiTM)

Forum Panelists: Shamsul Anuar Abdul Wahid (MIMOS), Nor Laila Md Noor (UiTM), Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohd Isa (UiTM)

Forum Moderator: Fauzi Mohd Saman (UiTM)

Local Committees: Wan Adilah Wan Adnan (UiTM), Fariza Hanis Abdul Razak (UiTM), Natrah Abdullah @ Dolah (UiTM), Fauzi Mohd Saman (UiTM), Farrah Wahida Azmi (MIMOS), Jainah Sakimin (MIMOS), Norliza Said (MIMOS)

Volunteers: Nur Ain Nadia Mohamad Hanapi (UiTM), Omar Mohamad Pauzi (UiTM), Arnida Arbain (UiTM), Rafidah Sulo (UiTM), Juniza Juhari (UiTM), Fairos Zabadi Nor Bahauddin (UiTM), Mohamad Hafiz Khairuddin (UiTM), Ainur Khursiah Ahmed Anuer (MIMOS)

Video Recording Technical Support: Corporate Communications Department, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia. (Che Embon Mustafa, Rolpaizal Zali @ Ghazali, Azhar Mohd Zainal, Abd Rahim Md Yusuf, Muhammad Nazry Kamarudin, Anuar Bahari)

Local Organizers: MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia, Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia




Speakers: Jess McMullin, Gordon Ross, Kara Pecknold, Karyn Zuidinga, Samantha Starmer

Sponsors: Analytic Design Group Inc., Habaneros Consulting, OpenRoad Communications, Graphically Speaking, Follow the UX Leader, WorkAtPlay, CitizenExperience, KeyPointe Consulting

Venue Sponsor: Woodwards W2 Media Cafe

Organizing Committee: Lynne Polischuik, Dorian Taylor, Theresa Putkey, Misty Melissa Weaver, Barbara Richards

Event Volunteers: Steve Mynett, Dave Emmett, Sean Filiatrault, Pauline Lai, Roberto Bruzzese, Jennifer Kong, Michelyn Smithe, Jessica Dill, Lindsey Latiolas, Jocelyn Smith

Session Facilitators: Scott Baldwin, Selma Zafar, Gordon Ross, Haig Armen, Misty Melissa Weaver, Chris Stone, Dominique Bohn, Blair Neufeld



Speakers: Alberto Attia, Elsa Canto, Cristobal Cortés, Ferrán Galindo, Darién MontañezStaff: María Gabriela Fong, Yodanizeth Justavino, Nelly Valdivieso

Local Sponsor: BootStudio ( would also like to thank Sony Corporation for providing the video equipment.



Speakers: Eric Reiss, Annika Friberg, Benny Skogberg, Fredrik Ohlin, Bengt J. Nilsson, Henrik Eneroth, Marie Gustafsson Friberger, Linus de Petris

Local Arrangements: School of Technology, Malmö University, HSB Turning Torso Meetings



Speakers: Bogdana Butnar, Google, Alin Popescu, AvocatNet, Violeta Bahaciu, GFK Romania, Daniel Nicolescu, PayU, Marius Ursache, Grapefruit, Ana Maria Bogdan, Grapefruit

Friends & Supporters: Mihaela Bogiu, AvocatNet, Romanita , MakeSense PR, Stefan Liute, Grapefruit




WIAD Rome, Luca Rosati, Alessandro Nasini, Claudia Busetto, Marzia Pantanella
Sponsor: Maple,

WIAD Milan, Diego Banchero, Claudio Muci
Sponsor: Wellnet,

WIAD Sardinia, Gabriela Lussu
Sponsor: Sardegna 2.0,

Keynote Talks & Voting for “Best of” Videos

February 8, 2012

Keynote Talks Announced

While the goal of World Information Architecture day is to make local connections with global impact, sharing an experience on the same day with hundreds of others across the world has it’s own appeal. One of the unifying elements of WIAD 2012 will be the three short keynote talks to debut on February 11th – presented via pre-recorded video created by Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld (the authors of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web), and WIAD’s Thematic Chair, Jorge Arango. We are excited to share their thoughts with you globally via video. Don’t worry if you can not make an official WIAD – these keynote talks will be posted on the official website shortly after February 11th for all to watch. We hope you enjoy them!

Up Next: Vote for the Best Video

Scholarship, lively debate, and intriguing interactions are all expected to be part of WIAD 2012. Each of the 14 locations will be taping their proceedings and sending a short video of their “Best of Show” in to be published online for all to see.

So, how can you get involved? Simple! Around Wednesday February 15th, video submissions received from the 14 official locations will be posted on the WIAD website. You will be able to watch the videos and vote for the best video produced at all of the global locations. Voting will be open for a week only, and it is open to anyone – even if you were unable to attend an official WIAD we still want to hear your voice. The winner of this vote will receive a free pass to the 2012 IA Summit, so your vote does matter!  Stay tuned for more details, and to watch the great IA centered thinking from across the globe.