World IA Day 2012 is about bringing the Information Architecture community together. We’re fostering links within local communities and on a global scale. We’re sharing information, ideas and research. And we’re doing it through unconventional, exciting and engaging IA events this February.

The first ever World IA Day focuses on Designing Structures for Understanding. On February 11, 2012, we’re hosting WIAD events in 14 cities across all corners of the globe. Learn from world-class IA minds, network, showcase new ideas and attend events tailored specifically to your community. We hope you’ll join us at an event near you this February!

Local Connections. Global Impact. World IA Day 2012

Attend World IA Day 2012

Why Participate?

Participating in World IA Day 2012 as an attendee or presenter lets you:

  • Share your scholarship, experiences and ideas
  • Hear presentations from key members of the IA community
  • Network with local peers
  • Connect with a local and global audience
  • Re-energize yourself and get excited about your work
  • Deepen and expand your understanding of IA
  • Get a chance to speak at IA Summit 2012 and write an article for the
    Journal of IA

Participate in WIAD 2012

We’re hosting World IA Day 2012 events in on Saturday, Feb. 11. Each city’s event will be different, but all will focus on information architecture and this year’s theme, Designing Structures for Understanding.

All events zone in on IA topics and are designed to connect with your local IA communities. No one location will be the same—and everyone’s welcome to join. That means if you’re a student, IA practitioner, or just someone who has an interest in IA, it’s a great chance to drop by, get engaged and network with like-minded folks who know and love IA.

Plus, many locations will offer the chance for you to present your work and IA expertise.

We encourage local events to be free for IAI members – however, autonomy at the local level is a virtue. Each event will be run by local coordinators and will be as low cost as possible. Some events will be free to everyone, some events will be free only to IAI members, and yet other events may need to charge a registration fee depending on the scope of their offerings.

Find a location

Find your to register. If you’re interested in presenting, you can submit your info on the location page. We’re always adding more information about each local event, so check back often to see what your local coordinator has planned for your local event. Not near an event?

Organize your own WIAD event!

We’ll have more info and resources for how to get your IA community together in December.

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Imagine if everybody, everywhere understood why Information Architecture is such a valuable and powerful way of approaching complex information challenges. And that everybody, everywhere had a once-a-year opportunity to participate in a local event dedicated to connecting the global IA community, exploring the practice of Information Architecture. That’s World IA Day.

WIAD 2012’s theme, Designing Structures for Understanding, will focus global conversations on this subject and provide a local venue to connect with leaders and peers.

How does WIAD work?

World IA Day will become an annual global event. On February 11, 2012, the IAI will bring you IA events in 14 cities worldwide to celebrate 14 years since the publication of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, the famous polar bear book. Each location will host a day of events, speakers and discussion guided by the locally based Location Coordinator. How each event is specifically run will be at the discretion of the Location Coordinators -- so every event’s format, speakers and language is relevant to the local communities’ needs and interests. Some locations may be structured as a conference, some may choose to run an “un-conference,” some may host workshops only, and others may be a day of guest speakers or something as informal as a book club and discussion.

During the event, proceedings will be recorded on video. After the event, the most dynamic sections from each location will be posted online so that those unable to attend the physical events can still access, learn and connect with the IA community. Users online will have the opportunity to vote for the video they find most engaging, and the person responsible for its content will have the option to speak at the IA Summit in March 2012.

When is this happening?

Submission requests for local presenters and participants will be released by locations in November and December. As each location will have a different event tailored to the needs of the region, please check with each specific location for more details, deadlines, and how you can get involved. World IA Day is February 11, 2012. The top 14 videos from the events will be posted by February 15, and voting will close February 22. The winner of the IA Summit pass and Journal of IA article spot will be announced at the end of February.

About the IAI

The Information Architecture Institute is a 501(c)6 professional organization, operated by a dedicated, multi-national group of people. Volunteering our own resources, we aspire to build bridges to related disciplines and organizations. We invite you to join us in advancing the state of Information Architecture through research, education, advocacy and community service.

We’re working hard to build an international membership that connects people with diverse languages, cultures and perspectives. So far, we have more than 2,000 members from 60 countries. Our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors are comprised of individuals from six continents. Our Translations Initiative and Local Group Program serve to promote and extend our services to all corners of the world.



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World IA Day 2012 Team

Our team of volunteers is honored to bring you World IA Day 2012. Please contact our team via email. General inquiries are best if sent to .

Jorge Arango, Thematic Chair

Jorge is an information architect and web designer from Central America. In 1995 he founded BootStudio, one of the first web consultancies in his part of the world. He’s led web development teams in his home country of Panama, as well as the US and the UK. Jorge is also the managing editor of Boxes and Arrows, an online journal devoted to the practice, innovation and discussion of design and has served one term on the Information Architecture Institute Board of Directors, including one year as President.

Jessica DuVerneay, Executive Producer

While producing a conference in grad school, Albuquerque, NM based Jessica DuVerneay said she would never do it again - but when she was asked to coordinate the first ever WIAD, she gladly accepted the challenge! Information Architecture, community building, and whip smart people are Jessica's favorite things - WIAD is filled to the brim with all three, making it an easy sell. When she's not sending conference emails or wrangling Basecamp milestones, Jessica is an Information Architect with TUG, an IA Consultancy in Ann Arbor, MI.

Brad Simpson, Creative Director

Brad is responsible for the design that frames your experience throughout the WIAD 2012 website and collateral. When he’s not lending his considerable design expertise to WIAD, he is a Creative Director at Element79: helping brands be relevant and engaging for their customers. Dive deeper into Brad’s formidable design skills at www.i-rradiate.com.

Joe Elmendorf, Technical Director

Joe Elmendorf is a super-star. A self-taught front-end web developer, if he is not in class working on his master's degree in information science at the University of Michigan, he is working for the small not-for-profit Flannel, or growing and pleasing his freelance client base.

Noreen Whysel, Advisor
Noreen is a freelance consultant, specializing in web-based education and outreach programs. She is currently working with the NYC Office of Emergency Management on developing a 9/11 retrospective GeoSymposium and GeoApp Challenge which will be launched in November. As Operations Manager for the IA Institute, Noreen develops projects that improve information architecture education, member services and advocacy of information architecture in general. This includes coordinating volunteer initiative leaders, website and listserv maintenance, partner negotiations, event logistics and generally keeping the board of directors on track.

Deborah Fellinger, Copy Editor
Deborah Fellinger is helping with writing miscellany for WIAD. A copywriter at envisionit media in Chicago, she lives to write microcopy.

Abby Covert, Advisor

Dan Klyn, Advisor
Dan Klyn is an information architect and co-founder of The Understanding Group. He's currently serving as Treasurer of the IA Institute, and he teaches the information architecture course at the School of Information at the University of Michigan.